Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our Mother(s) sent us a long sleeved shirt that was too big for her that she got for free. With 100% cotton and contrast stitching on the collar and shoulders, it certainly would be dubbed Fashion Forward by the likes of Tim Gunn. Or at least the Snorg Tees Girl. It is a 'tour' shirt for the band called The OffKilters, and features corporate sponsors on the sleeves like it was a 10k or something. Because after all, nothing says non-conformity like Accenture or ExxonMobil. For added effect, the 'Kilt' portion of the logo has plaid lettering. However, with the subtitle "A Night of Golden Oldies", we can only guess where bag-pipes fit into "Layla" or "Go Your Own Way". With so many contraditions (well, two), the only place for a shirt like this is a stroll down Bedford Ave to see who is up to the challenge of penetrating this irony. (Hopefully not with the jagged edge of a PBR bottle)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

In the "Hit The Nail On It's Head" catagory, a consise deconstruction of the "Skinny Bitch" books by Salon's Julie Klausner...

The money line:
The relentless bullying peppered throughout the authors' advice accounts for much of the book's humor, including quips like "you need to exercise, you lazy shit," "coffee is for pussies" and "don't be a fat pig anymore." It was a formerly anorexic friend of mine who nailed it when she read excerpts from the book. "When you have an eating disorder," she told me, "that's the voice you hear in your head all the time."