Wednesday, November 24, 2010

About That Henry Rollins Video

By any measure, Henry Rollins has had more success in music and acting than 99% of the people who try to 'break in' to those industries. He quit an ice cream job in DC to join the already established hardcore punk institution known as Black Flag. Disaffected, 'damaged' teenagers countrywide still don their hoodies in respect. Lately his film career has been built on playing 'crazy roughs' like the prison guard in Lost Highway, and the neoNazi who raped Peggy Bundy in Sons of Anarchy. You would think that his ability to carve a career in things that are very competitive would give him a sense of calm confidence in middle age. No, in fact he's incredibly insecure and lashes out angrily towards things he has trouble understanding.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Found Art: The Most "American" Object Ever?

It was in the bargain aisle of a discount store that we found an object that symbolizes American culture more than any other object we have ever seen. For only $4, we had to buy it.