Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just Another "Barca Jersey" guy

It's official: "American Guy Who Wears a Barca Jersey To Every Social Event" is a new genre of humanity. It's also one that is entirely played out. In our opinion, the field (or pitch if you will) is wide open for a guy with a shaved head to start wearing a Juventus "Zidane" jersey as his default option for social occasions. This hypothetical person would get much more mental "+1"s from other people in a Zidane jersey than if he just became another "Barca guy".

We were just at a tailgating event with two "Barca guys" present, each probably secretly hating the other. A few minutes later, only one remained. Did one of them feel self conscious and change/leave? Or did one kill the other? Either way, whether you are a "solid Barca guy" like Kobe above or a "stripey Barca guy" like many others, please note that the mental "+1" bank has run dry for you and you may have to find a new way of telegraphing your sophisticated yet sporty European tastes to the American masses. May we suggest slathering yourself in Nutella?