Sunday, June 7, 2009


We haven't posted here at DBB for awhile because we've been working on introducing our first commercial venture, THE BROOKLYN BKLYN. What is THE BROOKLYN BKLYN? It is the most Brooklyn thing Brooklyn has ever Brooklyned. Let us put it this way: we know the high rise developers are trying to turn Brooklyn into Anywhere U.S.A, full of Starbucks and Subways when you can just go to the deli and get a fucking tamale. And we know that trust fund posers are ruining the Brooklyn vibe that made Brooklyn what it is: a style that lazy Urban Outfitters designers can rip off and sell worldwide to people who didn't like high school. What happens when those very people graduate college, move to Brooklyn, and still wear clothes from Urban Outfitters? What will the Urban Outfitters designers design then? Have you ever watched a snake eat itself?!?