Saturday, April 28, 2012

Unattainable Standards of Yuppiedom

I'll Teach You How To Stride Ahead
Go to Union Sq. GreenMarket
Buy the freshest, localest, organic veggies
Carrots are Orange optional
Beets don't come from a can
Taste them and smile/NYC is twee

Personal soundtrack is important
Some bluegrassy banjo shit with indie guitar/vox over it
Stride back home in a taxi/It makes me whole again
Everyone in NYC should live in the East Village

Now I cook/Stride Ahead
Rocking butcher block and stainless steel
Harpsichord and piano jam out

The dining room overlooks a balcony
Rinse lettuce/radicchio in sink, dry
// Natural Light //
The way I roast and store vegetables is better than the way you roast and store vegetables

Hubby trades derivatives/sells blood diamonds/kills people for their organs
I volunteer at a nonprofit 3 times a week/Stride Ahead
Karmically we break even
Fuck Deborah Madison/I am your new god

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