Thursday, July 5, 2012

Enjoy The Ride

One day we left school and saw a pack of bikers headed up the same route we use to go home. There were so many of them they filled the lane. Since when we get on our bike, we behave like the "bike rights" guy from Portlandia, we were excited to join and sped up to do so. We PWND Duval Ave, forcing the traffic behind us to slow. Was this Critical Mass or some new form of bike protest?

We asked a guy biking near us, "What is everyone biking for?".

Seemingly surprised at the question, he said "Excuse me?".

"Why is everyone biking on the street at the same time?"

"This is Queer Ride." He stated, gauging my reaction by carefully judging my facial expression for tells.

It was then that we noticed, that yeah, there weren't any women in this group, only a few guys that wore disco wigs and/or brightly colored leggings. Most wore plaid button up shirts, which is as much of a uniform for bros in Austin as stripey shirts are for finance d-bags in Manhattan.

Right then, a man pedaled past us nonchalantly. Perched upon his shoulders, even more at ease was a cat. We later learned this was a 10 mile ride. Our cat won't sit on our shoulders for more than 10 seconds without scratching its way down our back, we can only imagine how this cat was trained to enjoy biking. Special K? Hotboxing wouldn't last that long. The man wasn't wearing a shirt, but the cat was.

"Well thats cool, I was just wondering what the event was"

"What are you biking for?"

"I'm just going home from work"

"Well, enjoy the ride"

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